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Sprinkles Scoops Across a Sweet, White Background

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At 9 AM this morning, the line outside of Sprinkles Ice Cream was 15 deep. By 10 AM, that line had swelled to more than 40 people, all with giddy smiles on their faces and some with Sprinkles cupcake boxes in hand. A sign posted at the entrance of the store announced that the opening day of Sprinkles Ice Cream was being filmed as part of a television show. At exactly 10 AM, Sprinkles employees inside the store unlocked the front door, letting the first few lucky customers inside the cool, sweet-smelling shop.

Sprinkles Ice Cream shop is larger inside than the cupcakery next door, allowing patrons to line up inside the shop and peruse the menu. Yes, there are red velvet cones. Yes, a signature selection of cookies (including salted oatmeal cornflake, peanut butter pretzel chip and double chocolate) is available should one want an ice cream sandwich. Even better for Sprinkles' fans, cupcake tops are available for sandwiching as well. Coffee, traditional sundae toppings (caramel sauce, classic rainbow sprinkles), and full pints are also available. Open today, and every day: Sunday through Wednesday from 10 AM to 10 PM and Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM to 11 PM.
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