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Et Voila! Inside Sprinkles Ice Cream's Mod BH Scoopery

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Beverly Hills is supposed to reach 70° by 1PM today, perhaps the right time to stop by Sprinkles Ice Cream, the eagerly anticipated cookie and frozen treat shop from Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson, which scoops today at 10AM. Situated next door to the very first Sprinkles bakery, Sprinkles Ice Cream touts a host of cookies in obvious flavors like chocolate chip and double chocolate, but also more experimental combos inclusive of salted oatmeal cornflake and peanut butter pretzel chip.

Ice cream, 20 flavors offered at the moment, is made from Cali dairy and, according to The Facebook, "slow churned to incorporate less air resulting in a densely creamy and intensely flavorful ice cream experience." Get excited about Cap'n Crunch, malted milk chocolate, red velvet, but also vanilla bean, strawberry, and triple chocolate. Toppings and sauces are all made in-house, and ice cream comes in either a cup, cone (red velvet), or between cupcake tops. Coolhaus and Beachy Cream rock the cookie sandwich, Sprinkles goes for the cupcake top ice cream sammie.

Take a quick look at the Sprinkles Ice Cream website. Nationwide ice cream shipping is apparently coming soon, and there's a top tab for "location." To become "locations"? Seems likely, also considering Sprinkles Cupcakes' expansion, that the long term plan is to grow this baby too.
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Sprinkles Ice Cream

9631 S Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210