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Bicycle-Powered Ice Cream, Peddler's Creamery, Hopes to Scoop Downtown This Summer

Peddler's Creamery is a two-year-old LA-based ice cream company conceived by Edward Belden. What makes Belden's fair trade, organic dairy and non-dairy ice cream different- aside from its fun flavors like Thai iced coffee, honey lavender, and kumquat sorbet - is that his ice cream is churned via bicycle power. Belden sources his dairy from NorCal and strives to procure ice cream ingredients as locally as possible. He even donates 5% of profits to "social and environmental causes."

Starting July, Peddler's Creamery will sell its frozen treats online, delivered by bike within a 10 mile radius of downtown. Also this summer Belden is planning to open a scoopery downtown. He has a Kickstarter fund in place and is trying to raise $15,000 by May 31, but thus far only $3,652 is secured.
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