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Jason Neroni Wire

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Screen%20shot%202012-05-30%20at%209.26.15%20AM.pngIn an interview with Food Republic, Superba Snack Bar chef Jason Neroni divulges a few more details on his pastaria to come and also shares early words on a separate concept, Superba Food and Bread: "It’s, loosely, a modern take on the pastaria. I’m not saying it’s like [New York’s] Osteria Morini. It’s a little more California influenced...We’re trying not to do pasta shapes that are regular...We’re using alternative types of flours like rye and buckwheat...There will be a very large sandwich program, which coincides with our launch of Superba Food and Bread which will happen at the end of the year. I’m calling it a mash between Blue Ribbon and Jardiniere in San Francisco." [Food Republic]

Superba Snack Bar

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