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Highland Park's Answer to Bar Covell, Hermosillo, Soft Opened Last Night

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Dustin Lancaster of Los Feliz's beloved Bar Covell is on a winning streak. Now that L&E Oyster Bar is open in Silver Lake, he has partnered with Ross Stephenson and Michael Blackman to bring Highland Park Hermosillo. The space used to be a seedy joint called Hermosillo Bar before Lancaster and crew took over. They've been fixing it up over the last few months and soft-opened last night, via a Facebook announcement. There are a good number of beers on tap, right in the wall, as at Covell. The place looks pretty bland on the outside, but inside they've changed the room up, built a bar in the center, and allowed the windows to open right out onto the street. There's no food at the moment, but surely a menu of snacks will come. Wine and beer offerings skew towards Latin flavors, with hard-to-find wines from Mexico and craft beers from all over. Get a sneak peek at the menu down below. Hermosillo is open until 2AM nightly.

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5125 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90042