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Just In Time For Cinco de Mayo, The First Complete Look Inside Pink Taco on Sunset

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Elizabeth Daniels 5/12

Electrical issues and a lawsuit have prevented the launch of Pink Taco Sunset. Now, here's the deal. Pink Taco actually isn't officially opening tomorrow as planned, rather the grand debut will come at the end of this month. However, since tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, Harry Morton's second Los Angeles iteration of the rowdy, colorful Mexican eatery WILL part doors for the 5th of May only, to hold one big fiesta. And as a preview of food to come, here's a copy of the menu served tomorrow.

The CliffsNotes version of this story is that Morton snapped up the extinct Miyagi's, stripped the space, discovered some old architecture that dated back to the 1940s, and rehabilitated the structure with the above pictured loud Mexican imagery which is spread ubiquitously through and through. Guys with guns, dancing skeletons, sure, why not.

The ground floor houses a main bar, outdoor patio (likely to be PACKED tomorrow), and taqueria, meanwhile the second floor is more lounge-y with booths, private rooms, and two more bars. As some may recall, Morton is also working on another non-Mexican project located on level three. It's going to be a "secret" hidden restaurant of sorts and should premiere this summer.
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Pink Taco

10250 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067 310 789 1000 Visit Website

Pink Taco

8225 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046