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Be a Judge at Cochon Heritage BBQ This Labor Day

On Sunday, May 6th, LA chef extraordinaire Ben Ford accepted the Prince of Porc award for his efforts in creating a nose-to-tail smorgasbord of delicious pork recipes. Did you snag a closeup of his winning head cheese hero of pig's liver pate? Or perhaps you got a glamour shot of competitor Jason Neroni's porchetta de testa pastrami? The true contest lies in how well you captured the essence of this pig-centric event.

Submit your photos from Cochon 555 events across the country to the "Beat the Winemaker" national photo contest. The grand prize is an all-expenses Official Judge's seat at Cochon Heritage BBQ in Memphis this Labor Day (3 days of bourbon, BBQ and music) and a reserve case of hand-selected wines. Show us your skills. >>