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Playa's Pizza-Inspired Maize Cake

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As part of Eater's first ever pizza week, chefs at five LA restaurants that don't serve pizza agreed to make a special limited edition pizza-inspired creation served just this week and next. Every day we'll highlight a new pizza, today we have the Maize Cake from Playa.

Elizabeth Daniels 5/12

Executive chef John Sedlar of Playa (and Rivera) took his popular Maize Cake, used it as a base, and created a "pizza" incorporating modern Latin flavors. Up above, chef de cuisine Kevin Luzande arranges Sedlar's vision using a semilla salsa tortilla which is topped with burrata, Marquez De Valdueza extra virgin olive oil, dots of salsa verde, sliced jalapeño, channa crisps, upland watercress, micro amaranth, and wisps of dehydrated red onion and red bell pepper. The Maize Cake is priced at $11 and will be available through May 20.

Who: Eveleigh
What: The Guildford 'Lahm bi agine' Pizza
Description: Spiced ground lamb (tomato, sumac, all spice, olive oil, onion, garlic) on dough with self-serve condiments: arugula, dried oregano, sumac, pickled chilies, garlic sauce.
Cost: $16

Who: Black Hogg
What: An Ode to the Mexican Pizza
Description: Deep dish pizza made from masa harina (corn tortilla flour) layered with Longaniza sausage, black beans, queso fresco, heirloom tomato pico de gallo, skirt steak asada, and topped with a sweet corn salsa.
Cost: $15

Who: Freddy Smalls
What: Freddy's Flatbread
Description: Sicilian-style pie with sofrito-tomato sauce, pickled ramps, Bellwether ricotta cheese, shiitake mushrooms, and spicy field greens.
Cost: $16

Who: Umami
What: The Umami Supreme
Description: Cheeseburger meets pizza. Pepperoni and sausage blended with a wagyu beef patty, topped with a house-made pizza sauce, melted burrata cheese, and a trio of mushrooms.
Where: Urban, Valli, and UMAMIcatessen
Cost: $12
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