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Everson Royce Bottle Shop Opened by SiLa Wine Mgmt

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Heritage Wine Company in Pasadena has been replaced by Everson Royce, a new wine, beer, and spirits shop from Randy Clement and April Langford of Silverlake Wine plus Joe Capella. Clement writes in to say that "From an operational stand point the store is very similar to SLW. On-site wine tastings with wine, spirits, and beer to go." However, at the moment only boutique small production wine is in stock, spirits and beer still to come. And, Everson Royce even dispenses wine on draft - four reds and four whites available daily.

Just like Silverlake Wine, Everson Royce was designed by Ana Henton of MASS Architecture (Lukshon, Intelligentsia Venice) with the above pictured bright, open floor plan. Ample parking is available in the HUGE Pasadena City garage next door, also free for the first 90 minutes. Unfortunately, no food here (except for some snacks) since the location doesn't have a kitchen.
·Silverlake Wine Replaces Heritage Wine Co in Pasadena [~ELA~]

Everson Royce

155 N Raymond Ave Pasadena, CA 91103