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Lex Social House Snags Marisa Tomei's Bro As Pizzaiolo

Adam Tomei is A) an actor, B) Marisa Tomei's brother, and C) apparently also a pizzaiolo. Starting May 29 and every Tuesday thereafter, (Adam) Tomei will hit the Lexington Social House kitchen and prepare four to five of his signature pizzas that he usually cooks for friends at home. Meanwhile, executive chef Jared Simons will offer up an Italian-American special (lasagna or chicken parmesan, that kinda thing) alongside.

Tomei uses “00” (doppio zero) flour from Naples in his pizza dough, organic tomatoes, and quality toppings like Fra’Mani salumi. Here are some of his potential pizzas: Margherita, Ode to CB (Pantaleo cheese, sliced red onion, slivered almonds, rosemary, and olive oil), Romano (potatoes, pancetta, thyme, olive oil, and sea salt), and San Gennaro (buffalo mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, sopressata, and ricotta). [EaterWire]

Lexington Social House

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