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Subway WeHo Remodels, Grand Opens Today

Subway is famous for a lot of things. 1) Jared Fogle, that guy who lost a lot of weight while eating only food from the sandwich chain. 2) Its "freshly-baked" bread. 3) The foot-long sub. It's the fast food concept that's trying not to be fast food. It thinks of itself as a "Quick Service Restaurant," and this year, Subway is trying harder to erase the bright yellow signage from America's collective memory. They're doing it by rolling out remodeled units in select metro areas.

Ari Monosson, and his wife Kim now own the West Hollywood Subway, and are the third location nationwide to adopt the new metro-styling model. Monosson has been a Subway franchisee since he was 24. The brand's growth model, much like that of his former employer 7-11, allows for franchisees to taylor each store to their neighborhood. The company actually encourages it with different design packages and signage. The new metro-style features only earth tones on the inside, less of the logo (there's only one stainless steel sign on the interior), and casual but almost elegant seating.

"This is the West Hollywood Subway, we're very much part of a diverse neighborhood, and want to reflect that. The difference between this Subway and other locations is that we know our clientele, we know their names, we know their orders," Ari explains, "and we want them to have a great experience every time."

The couple is throwing a grand opening party for their new store today. There's a DJ, that Jared Fogle guy, and deals. From 2PM to 4PM, they're giving away free cookies. From 4PM to 7PM get free drinks, and from 7PM until they close, they will add double meat to any order for no extra charge. Subway WeHo is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. [EaterWire]