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Philippe Chow Relocating, Major Fr Chef Considers Space

Despite management's claims, last September Philippe Chow on Melrose was up for sale. And has been on the market ever since. A shutter was imminent for the Mr Chow knockoff, unfortunately the big spenders didn't fill the restaurant as planned. They either hit the Beverly Hills original, or drove out to SGV for their xiao long bao, Peking duck, and hand-pulled noodles. As of about 10 days ago, Philippe on Melrose has turned in, however owner Philippe Chow is looking to relocate the restaurant elsewhere in LA. And, word on the street is that Philippe already has another location and is about to sign a new lease. In other news, supposedly a very high profile, world-renowned French chef checked out the Melrose space, but decided to pass. More on that to come.
·Up For Grabs [~ELA~]


8284 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90048