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Rustic Canyon Wants Full Alcohol, Chef Shakeup at Gabardine, More!

SANTA MONICA— Quite exciting news, actually. None of Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan's farm-to-table haunts serve full alcohol. Rustic Canyon, Milo & Olive, and Huck are all licensed for just beer and wine. Boutique wines and rare craft beers. However, Josh and Zoe are looking to secure a full 47 for their flagship, Rustic Canyon, which inevitably means a smart menu of seasonal drinks is soon to come. [EaterWire]

BALDWIN HILLS— Post & Beam introduces Sunday brunch starting June 24. Seasonal fruits and veggies found in dishes like Huevos Rosalia (tortilla, black eye pea-smoked bacon stew, sunny-side eggs, salsa) and burrata salad (shaved fennel, peaches, smoked almonds) will be sourced from the restaurant's on-site garden. [EaterWire]

POINT LOMA—Talk about a bad breakup. On the subject of Brian Malarkey, news just in that chef Chad White of Gabardine has decamped as a result of "creative differences." Apparently, White was once so dedicated to the restaurant that he even tattooed its mascot, a character named Gabby, on his leg. Ouch. [EaterWire] — DM

WEST LA— Following up with that Torrisi knockoff across the street from Scoops Westside, the Italian restaurant is still a go, however chef Ari Taymor will no longer be involved. [EaterWire]

Rustic Canyon

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