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Starting June 30, F?nuts Serves Ice Cream "Sandwiches"

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By no means are ice cream sandwiches new or novel, but they became a dessert of popular demand with the inception of Coolhaus back in 2009. Since then others have tried out the ice cream sandwich thing. Beachy Cream goes the organic sammie route, meanwhile Sprinkles tests ice cream smushed between cupcake tops (or cookies).

Just in time for summer, Waylynn Lucas over at F?nuts is adding her two cents to the ice cream sandwich trend with the launch of F?nuts ice cream "sandwiches." Of course all ice cream is made in-house and scoops are served atop f?nut. So, not exactly a traditional ice cream sandwich, but that's how they are being billed. While flavor combos change seasonally, these are the pairings to start: chocolate f?nut/eucalyptus ice cream; strawberry buttermilk f?nut/mint ice cream; vegan coconut passion fruit f?nut/vegan coconut sorbet; and an Arnold Palmer-inspired blueberry Earl Grey f?nut/lemon lavender sorbet, all priced between $5 to $8.

And, to taste. F?nut is throwing an ice cream social, open to the public, on June 30 from 6-9PM. The Grilled Cheese Truck shall be in attendance as well. [ELA]


8104 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048