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Facelift for King Eddy Saloon, Delilah Reopens, More!

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DOWNTOWN— Michael Leko and Will Shamlian (Urbano, Library Bar, Spring Street Bar) have purchased one of the city's oldest dives, King Eddy Saloon. Leko/Shamlian consider the venue "the holy grail of dive bars" and intend on restoring its legacy post summer with a forthcoming refresh, perhaps in the vein of Tom Bergin's. Of note, King Eddy Saloon supposedly controls the city's oldest liquor license. [DD]

ECHO PARK— Popular Echo Park bakery Delilah reopened yesterday after light cosmetic updates and menu modifications. Owner Genevieve Ostrander partnered with realtor Darren Hubert to bring these chagnes to fruition and new hours of operation run 8AM to 4PM Tuesday through Sunday. [EPN]

AROUND TOWN— Yesterday, Japanese grocer Mitsuwa kicked off its 7th annual Umaimono Gourmet Food Fair which runs until June 17. Torrance, Cosa Mesa, and San Diego stores will participate in the Asian food fair and a gang of famed Japanese chefs are flying in for the occasion to prepare their signature dishes. Kyohei Fujiwara and Jumpei Kawabe (Ichimonji Ramen, from Hokkaido) will cook a 10-hour miso/pork ramen; Takaharu Ueda and Tomohiro Onitsuka (Shiki, from the Tottori prefecture) will make inari suhi stuffed with Red Queen Crab; and Ueno and Nagaishi (Kobe Fugetsudo, from Kobe) will serve Custard Cream atop waffles and cream puffs stuffed with Matcha Custard. [EaterWire]

King Eddy Saloon

131 E 5th St Los Angeles, CA 90013