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Cassell's Burgers Relocating to New Hotel Normandie

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Koreatown stalwart Cassell's Hamburgers is finally shuttering after a slow demise. Original owner Al Cassell, an iconic restaurateur and "burgermeister," according to the Los Angeles Times, passed away in 2010 after selling the restaurant to Korean owners. Last week management behind Hotel Normandie reached Eater to share news that they have purchased Cassell's and plan to close the eatery until they can relocate it a few blocks down 6th Street into a storefront on the bottom floor of the hotel. The 1928 historical building is currently undergoing renovations that will turn it into a 100-room boutique property.

At this point, with only a cold shell and no further development of the Hotel Normandie retail space, management is looking at about an 8-month window before Cassell's can re-open. Until then, they'll be re-developing the menu and modernizing it for younger tastes. They're looking to add some creative milkshakes and other classic diner touches to the old-school concept. However, they will retain much of the original equipment and methodology that went into creating Cassell's "gourmet" burgers made from ground prime chuck beef and house-made sauces. [EaterWire] — Matthew Kang


3266 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90010