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Create-Your-Own Cake at Duff's Cakemix Tomorrow

Cakemix interior
Cakemix interior

The corner of Melrose and Sweetzer just got a lot sweeter. Team Duff Goldman has been insisting that Charm City Cakes West would be exactly like the East Coast original — custom, made-to-order creations only. There would be no counter or pastry case full of pre-decorated cakes to taste. But then we heard from the construction crew that a retail bakery was part of the plan. Et voilà, here's a first look inside Cakemix, a magical mélange of a traditional bakery and Charm City Cakes.

At Cakemix's counter, in front of the mac register, there's a tray of tiny bottles filled with gel food coloring. Glass jars of sprinkles in all sizes, shapes and colors wait nearby, next to a small carousel containing bags of already colored icing, ready to pipe. There are a few unadorned cakes on display, begging for decoration, but more will be put out in the next couple of days. Above the counter is a menu and while it's not yet complete, the concept is as the Los Angeles Times described: like a Build-a-Bear, but for cakes.

Most of the inside of Cakemix looks like a brightly lit craft room. There are lots of long tables covered in parchment paper next to blue schoolroom chairs. A few seats near the front of the shop are for patrons that might just want to grab a slice of cake to eat with an espresso, because that's going to be available too.

On the Melrose side of the shop, a small enclosed glass stage is set, with a cake turntable, presumably for live cake decorating shows. On the Sweetzer side, along the glass, are shelves and shelves of Duff branded merchandise: sprinkles, gum paste, sugar decorations, candles and t-shirts. Though Cakemix has taken the paper off its windows and turned on its espresso machine, CEO Richard Drapkin (BLD, Grace) doesn't expect to start serving or selling until tomorrow.
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Duff's Cakemix

8302 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323 650 5555