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Smoke Seeps into The Artichoke's Heart, Opening July

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Can't say this one is a shocker. The Artichoke's Heart, formerly Murano on Melrose in West Hollywood, is about to go under the knife and reopen as Smoke, a new steak concept from BRG, the people behind Brick + Mortar (which just launched lunch) in Santa Monica. Don't forget, The Artichoke's Heart was itself a steak spot, hopefully second time here is a charm. BRG is still hammering out details, but Smoke is slated to open mid-July with a Mesquite wood burning grill, black/greys granite tabletops, and possibly a retractable patio ceiling. At the moment Artichoke is still operating as itself under control of BRG, though the eatery is slated to shutter in the near future.

And in other news, BRG has dibs on a separate West Hollywood eatery to debut in August, details on that to follow. [EaterWire]


9010 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90069