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Bootsys Bellows Club and Show Fuels WeHo Nightlife

Elizabeth Daniels 6/12

And now for the final unveiling of Bootsy Bellows, the newest evening hang from Brian Toll and John Terzian of h.wood group (SHOREbar), Darren Dzienciol (The Beverly, Trousdale), and actor David Arquette. Named after Arquette's mother (Bootsy Bellows was her burlesque name), Bootsy Bellows channels a Rat Pack-era supper club, divided into a main performance room with a stage for a variety of live entertainment (burlesque dancers, life-size puppets, ??????), and a second VIP VIP room with pink couches, a baby grand piano, and a one-way mirror with shadowbox performers. Bootsy Bellows is now soft open for private events, and if you can navigate past the velvet rope, the venue debuts to the public on June 29.
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Bootsy Bellows

9229 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 310 274 7500