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Poutine Paradise at P'tit Soleil, Soon to Open in Westwood

Elizabeth Daniels 6/12

Nearly two years ago, Luc Alarie, owner of Soleil on Westwood, shared future hopes of opening a poutine-focused restaurant elsewhere in Los Angeles. Up above, the outcome, P'tit Soleil, a Quebecois poutine bar adjacent to Soleil, hopefully opening this weekend (pending final inspections), otherwise next week at the latest. In addition to 10 plus version of poutine (French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy) Alarie offers regional Québécois plates like Roule de Choux (French-Canadian style egg roll, filled with cabbage, veal and pork) and Crevette Heather (tiger shrimp in a cognac cream sauce). Canadian beers and classic cocktails at the 10-seater bar.
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