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Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub to Open as Fatty's Public House

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Greg Morris shuttered Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub on La Cienega almost a year ago, and since then the eatery has remained mostly dead. As it turns out, Travis Lester, the now guy licensed to the spot, is part of that new BRG restaurant group and this here is the other West Hollywood eatery he and his team (Brick + Mortar, Smoke) plan to open August 1. The venue's next incarnation, Fatty's Public House, named after actor/director/writer Fatty Arbuckle (who used to reside in this space), will offer up contemporary American fare. Supposedly, BRG will break down the front of the restaurant to create a more open space.
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Fatty's Public House

829 North La Cienega Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069