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Umami Products: Capture the 5th Taste At Home Now

So, those Umami Burger "products" mentioned here and here are on sale "For a limited time, and while supplies last..." as of today. Seven products are up for grabs from Umami Ketchup (remember, Umami has always made its ketchup in-house with this recipe) to Umami Dust, basically an MSG-free flavor enhancer, to that Umami Spray which "blends together umami, kombu, and all-natural plant and seafood essences." Umami Master Sauce, a "new spin on soy sauce," appears to be a take on barbecue sauce, then there are a few other bottles of non-Umami brand items like Red Boat Fish Sauce, Hak's BBQ Sauce, and Gindo's Spice of Life Fresh Pepper Sauce. Have at it.
·Umami At Home [~ELA~]

Umami Burger

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