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Laurel Hardware Updates, Umami to Old Town Pas, More

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WEHO— Looks like Laurel Hardware restaurant, which moved in to the previous Laurel Hardware store on Santa Monica Boulevard, is back on track. Last summer Patch reported that this spot would serve as an "upscale burger and salad restaurant with a vintage hardware store theme and decor." The front area will offer breakfast and lunch with the rear reserved for dinner. Cole Apodaca (Hotel Shangri-la) is handling booze. According to Craigslist, Laurel Hardware should open mid-June. [EaterWire]

PASADENA— A change of ownership sign posted outside Naga Naga Ramen in Old Town reveals that Umami Burger is set to move in by the end of this year. Each Umami location boasts its own unique aesthetic, and here in Pas Umami will follow a sleek mod minimalist look inspired by a nearby computer store. [EaterWire]

LOS FELIZ— For those curious as to the new layout of Rockwell: Table & Stage, Urban Daddy has an inside look. [Urban Daddy]

SILVER LAKE— Breaking news. Natalie Portman has a baby. And it cries. The actress was recently dining at Flore Vegan on W Sunset, and after she wasn't able to console her crying one-year-old son, she covered lunch for all restaurant patrons and took her food to-go. [Celebitchy]

Umami Burger

852 South Broadway, , CA 90014 (213) 413-8626 Visit Website

Laurel Harware

7984 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046