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Would You Pay $6 For A Bardot Ice Cream Bar?

A release recently hit the inbox for a new fancypants ice cream bar company called Bardot, unrelated to the Hollywood club, bring word that management is planing three stores. Location one will launch within two weeks in La Jolla, meanwhile the brand's flagship is headed to Arcadia at the Westfield Santa Anita mall on July 10. A third bar boutique is planned for West Covina later this summer. Some release highlights:

Bardot is a very unique brand with a line of luxury ice cream treats on a stick that puts regular ice cream bars to shame. Each bar is like a work of art - hand-made in every step of the process and layered with premium flavors so that you get the full sensory experience in each bite. The 1,000 square-ft shop will house vibrantly colored bars that will be lined up in glass display cases, replicating the same experience as shopping for jewelry.
Bardot will offer two collections of bars to choose from, the Classic Collection ($5.80) and the Bardot Collection ($6.20). The Classic Collection features flavors like “Deep Thoughts” with fresh mint and “Ebony & Ivory” with mascarpone and dulce de leche. The Bardot Collection includes flavors like “New York, NY” with strawberry and cream cheese and “Inner Peace” with raspberry and green tea. Bardot will also offer a Kids Collection ($2.80) with smaller treats such as the “Twinkle Twinkle” with cotton candy.
That's happening. Apparently, Bardot also sells scoops of ice cream for $4.60, "served in a unique dish or a waffle cone ($5.90) with a sleek 'silver' spoon."

Ana Henton (Intelligentsia, Lukshon) designed the flagship and a free photo booth in the back enable customers to take pictures with their ice cream. [EaterWire]


400 S Baldwin Ave Arcadia, CA 91007