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Cordero Negro at Royal/T, Scoops on York Two Months Away, More!

CULVER CITY— Prior to its looming shutter, Royal/T invites in chef Sandra Cordero for a 12-course Spanish tapas pop-up titled Cordero Negro, taking place July 26 and 27. Dinner costs just $45, resys here. [EaterWire]

HIGHLAND PARK—BTW, that new Scoops ice cream location on York Boulevard will appropriately be called Scoops on York and at this point it's about two months out. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— Midtown Lunch names five sandwiches in LA worth spending over $10. Sycamore Kitchen’s Double B-LTA, GTA's Brisket Banh Mi, Mo-Chica's Hamburgesa, Son of a Gun's Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Blue Cow Kitchen's Country Fried Chicken Rolls. [Midtown Lunch]

SANTA BARBARA— YIKES. Iron Chef/Around the World in 80 Plates co-host/Miss USA judge Cat Cora was cited for a DUI last month after causing a minor traffic accident in Santa Barbara. (No one was hurt, thankfully.) Details are just now surfacing on the incident, which happened on June 17. At 6:15 PM. [Eater National]


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