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Yassmin Sarmadi Starts Seasonal French Concept Spring

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In Paris there exists quite an acclaimed market-driven contemporary French restaurant named Spring, opened in 2006 by American chef Daniel Rose. And this very concept, operating under the exact same name, is the next point of business for Church & State's Yassmin Sarmadi. Brigham Yen relays news that last month Sarmadi signed a lease for a 15,000 square foot space in the historic Douglas Building at 3rd and Spring. Her restaurant, Spring, will inhabit most the the ground floor, to be built in two chapters. First, a 7,000 square foot build-out, including the former Origami Bistro & Bar, followed by an expansion into a previous bakery area and Lot 44 cafe on Spring Street. Sarmadi expects construction to begin within the next few months with an opening slated for next summer.
·Church & State’s New French Restaurant, “Spring,” Coming [BY]

[Photo: Brigham Yen]


257 S Spring St Los Angeles, CA 90012