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Adding to Downtown's Offerings, Towne Debuts Tonight

Phone: 213-623-2366
Status: Open today
There are restaurants that take years to make, and restaurants that come together in just a few months. Towne Food & Drink lay under the radar until earlier this year, when plywood appeared outside the WaterMarke Tower. Today, it opens to the public. A few things to keep in mind regarding Towne. A) it's pretty big: 7,000 square feet in fact; B) the designer, Mark Zeff, is the guy behind Delphine at the W and Mercado di Vetro, so it's safe to say the space is comfortable and elegant; C) the chefs are well-trained, Eric Hara worked with David Burke and at the Plaza in NY and Ryan Morrison worked for Scott Conant. Perhaps most exciting is that pastry chef Tamara Davis was once responsible for the pastry selections at Boule (RIP) and Bottega Louie. While Towne opens for dinner this week, eventually the restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
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Towne Food & Drink

705 W 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015