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Looking for Foie Gras? Kali Dining is Still Serving

When Jason Kessler of Food Republic attempted to locate restaurants still serving foie post the July 1 ban, he failed to uncover any contraband. But, those looking for a foie gras fix need look no further than chef Kevin Meehan's pop-up dining engagement, Kali Dining. Not long ago Meehan blasted out an email titled "Kali Dining is Serving Foie" and below, the scoop:

"As you may know or not, Kali Dining will be starting up again July 11th - 29th in Culver City. Due to the foie gras ban in California that has officially started this month, I have been getting many inquiries about Kali serving the forbidden delicacy. Well great minds think alike and some are as thick as thieves. So with that said , lets say i know a guy who knows a guy. We are proud to announce that we will be serving a foie course with every dinner in this installation, free of charge in celebration of this ban. I just wanted to be the first underground foie gras speak easy ...
... and i am sure there is a niche for it (I personally love the idea). We are also proud to announce that we will be serving a series of foie gras dinners every sunday for the month, three dates in total. This is a special menu with 5 courses of foie gras for a $95 minimum donation. This menu will be a study of foie gras, different techniques of preparation, hot and cold (even a dessert) the total amount of the foie gras per person, will be no less then a half of a pound. That is almost disgusting yet intriguing to most. There have been many inquires about these dates so far, reservations as always will be on a first come first serve basis. For all of whom have had made reservations for other dates (thank you), if you would like to change your date for a foie gras night, please do so ASAP and you will have priority, but please do not procrastinate. Thanks again to all, and your continued support. We look forward to feeding you and your friends."
So that's that. Kali Dining will continue to serve you foie gras, up to half a pound per person. Yikes. So, the question begs, who else is still serving foie? Spot someone else? Do let us know.
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