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Shift Vegan Restaurant, Closed Before Ever Opening

Remember that vegan restaurant Shift, edging to break into the Venice scene? Well, after a year in the making, and before even opening, Shift is donzo, reports Quarry Girl. The word, straight off Facebook:

We have sad news to share with you tonight: Shift, the vegan bar & restaurant we've been developing for over a year, has been postponed indefinitely due to a few devastating factors beyond our control. We were so looking forward to creating an atmosphere in which compassionate people could come together to eat, drink, dance, brainstorm, network, and celebrate progress, and we hope this type of place will eventually exist in some form or another. We are heartbroken and extremely disappointed, but we are so grateful for the enthusiasm and support you have all sent our way throughout this process. Fortunately, due to the incredible friendships this journey has sent our way, we have new plans in the works for what we hope will be an even more exciting and life-saving venture. Regardless of what happens next, we promise to continue fighting on behalf of exploited animals, forgotten children, and beings everywhere without a voice.
So, Jessica and Ricky Schlueter's restaurant, bar, and music venue has hit the end of the road. Maybe the soon-to-open Cafe Gratitude on Rose can sub in.
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