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Story Tavern, a New Beer Bar and More Serving Burbank

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/12

Welcome to Story Tavern, a woodsy beer-centric addition to downtown Burbank, launch July 8 by Brian Slaught, son of building developer Ted Slaught. The story behind Story Tavern is that this here watering hole was named after a hardware store that once operated on the same site (so there's a whole historical aspect to the space). Which sounds familiar. Same deal with the newly opened Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood.

In any event, Slaught modeled the space after traditional European pubs in England and Ireland, and right now one will find 22 craft beers, four hard ciders, as well as 12 wines all on tap. Bottles come in next week. By way of food, management explains that the "non-traditional pub grub" menu is still a work in progress. [EaterWire]