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Umami Burger at The Grove to Open by August 1

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/12

Yes indeed. The Umami Burger flagship, under construction at The Grove, WILL take on Umami's new eco-friendly face. Up above, a tour of the rough space, slowly coming together. Originally, this super mod design was conceived by Kanner Architects as U-ko, that mini Umami spinoff. However, the look was modified to fit Umami. What's most unique about this branch is that it was a complete build-out. Most currently existing Umami locations adapt to existing spaces. In this case, Umami rebuilt the failed Wonderland Bakery with reclaimed woods and cream colored leather for an eco-friendly, airy and natural feel. Still to be added, a covered back patio. Team Umami plans to open by August 1.
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