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USA Today Flubs Story on Jose Andres Opening The Bazaar in SLS NYC

Earlier today Eater NY picked up a scoop from USA Today stating that The Bazaar's Jose Andres would open a branch of The Bazaar at the just-announced SLS hotel on Park Avenue South and 30th Street. Also in the mix, a nightlife something (maybe Hyde?) and an Umami Burger, all set to debut next spring. Shortly thereafter Andres tweeted "im not yet involve in @SLSHotel NY...." THEN, the original source of the information, Barbara De Lollis at USA Today, changed her story. It used to read: "Jose Andres, who'll create another Bazaar restaurant..." and now it reads: "it's not clear if that will be part of the New York hotel." Besha Rodell over at LAW picked up on it, and multiple updates later, the final outcome is that Andres, as the Culinary Director for SLS Hotels, will ... advise on the SLS NYC. Shocker.
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