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Campanile Explains Anti-dineLA Menu, Ceviche Brunch at Los Balcones del Peru, More!

MID-CITY— Whether it's a promotional stunt or not, Campanile has launched an anti-dineLA menu supposedly "offering our regular customers more choices, better selection, and even better prices," says the eatery's website. Half an hour ago GM Johann Drolshagen posted a note on the restaurant's Facebook page explaining the decision: "We are not opposed to dineLA, but over time dineLA and its sponsors [OpenTable, Amex, etc.] have begun taking more out of the restaurant community than it is contributing ...The only ones to benefit are the marketing companies and the sponsors ... " The note ends with, "Finally, please do not let our final message be that dineLA is bad. That’s not the case; it’s not how we feel; and, it is not the message we want to send..." [Facebook]

CULVER CITY—Although flacks for Royal/T originally estimated an August 31 shutter, the cafe/art gallery will actually call it quits after that Cordero Negro pop-up, on July 27. [EaterWire]

HOLLYWOOD— On Sunday, Peruvian eatery Los Balcones del Peru will initiate a ceviche brunch. Expect sea bass, halibut, sea urchin, shrimp, mussels and squid setup at the bar, plus causas with three different toppings. [EaterWire]


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