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Reps for ABC Kitchen Scouted Locations in LA

ABC Kitchen, NYC/Krieger

One of the most exciting pieces of news this year, reported last month, was the prospect of French chef and global restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten bringing a second iteration of his acclaimed eco-conscious, white-on-white Manhattan eatery, ABC Kitchen, to Los Angeles. This is a big deal. Aside from the fact that ABC Kitchen last year won a James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant, ABC Kitchen in LA will also mark Vongerichten's first California endeavor.

Multiple sources confirm that team JG has been actively scouting the city for locations, but it's unclear whether a home has been selected just yet. Conceptually, ABC Kitchen makes complete sense in Los Angeles. It's a sleek but earthy number focused on farm-to-table food and drinks, with a highly enforced green/eco-conscious mantra. Pretty much everything in the restaurant is some degree of biodegradable, recyclable corn-based blah, blah, blah. Yes, the food is organic and local, and 90 percent of the wine list is either biodynamic, organic, and/or sustainable. All that plus two stars from the New York Times, certainly more than respectable.
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