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Believe it or Not, Soul Hollywood Just Posted New Signage

Soul Hollywood is like an April Fool's joke not in April. Does anyone even remember Soul at this point? It's the supposed "healthy" Southern food joint from Yealang Smith, which first displayed its feathers back in 2007. Yes, 2007 people. FIVE years later and this place still isn't open. BUT hold your horses, yesterday Soul posted the above pictured new green signage on its doors and this right here is an under construction website. Despite the fact that the space is still empty inside, could Soul finally be back on track?

Although it's unclear when this was last updated, on her Facebook page, Smith lists "Chef and Owner of Soul Hollywood at 7046" with the following blurb: "In seven month our group looks forward to bring amazing healthy Soul food 24 hours 7 days a week with bomb ass music while you slip and chill .......yes we will offer two fully stocked bars......check out the orgasmic fried chicken, greens, mac and cheese, red beans and rice, full breakfast, happy hour, gumbo, and plenty of great service.........."
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7046 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028