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Bagel Broker Freebies, Playa's Rooftop Garden, More!

MID-CITY— The Bagel Broker on Beverly near Fairfax is about to turn 25 years old on August 1 and thusly will offer a slew of bready deals. Those born on August 1 score a free bagel sandwich and coffee. On August 8 come in dressed for 1987 and nab six free bagels. On August 15 bring in your yearbook from 1987 and land a dozen free bagels. On August 22 those married over 25 years can come in for a free pair of matching bagel sandwiches. On August 29 anyone born in 1987 walks away with a dozen free bagels. [ELA]

MID-CITY— Chef John Sedlar is excited about Playa's blossoming rooftop garden. Right now he's growing wild arugula, pac choi, Tuscan black kale, Great White tomatoes, Black Cherry tomatoes, Peaches and Cream corn, Manar cucumbers, Padrón peppers, borage flowers, Swiss chard, and fresh black garbanzos, all of which end up on diners' plates. [EaterWire'

HOLLYWOOD— Currently, the featured froyo flavor at Frog Frozen Yogurt is Chocolate Malted Maple Bacon Donut Hole. Intense. [EaterWire]

LA JOLLA— Former Delphine chef Donald Lockhart is about one week away from opening a new Mediterranean eatery called Cusp Dining & Drinks in La Jolla. [EaterWire]


7360 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323 933 5300

The Bagel Broker

7825 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036