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Kitchen Table's Rooftop Dining Room is a Hidden Gem

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/12

Here's a look around Kitchen Table, a new bi-level restaurant in the Old Bank District, open yesterday at Main and 4th. This is a joint project between chef Randall Perez and "Ray," the guy behind nearby Old Bank District Market. The menu includes shareable and larger Mediterranean plates like grilled stuffed squid; branzino with sunchokes and lemon; and pork belly with white beans, fried green tomatoes and clams. The restaurant itself is divided into a ground floor bar plus a few dining tables, but upstairs on the canopied rooftop patio is where you want to see and be seen. Grab a seat at one of the rustic wood tables, communal or two-top, and take in an Old Hollywood black and white movie projected on the wall. Lights, check. Camera, check. Action.
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