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A Day in the Life of Sweet Rose Creamery's Ice Cream Maker Shiho Yoshikawa [VIDEO]

Welcome to Eater's newest video feature A Shift With. Here we will bypass the famous chefs, the oft-interviewed restaurateurs and GMs and try to shine a light on the individuals in the restaurant industry who perform their duties outside of the public eye. Meaning the meat smokers and the flower arrangers, the in-house butchers and dim sum chefs, the oyster shuckers and charcuterie experts.

With summer upon us, we stop by Sweet Rose Creamery where ice cream aficionado Shiho Yoshikawa churns out farmers market flavors like sweet corn, peaches/cream, and plum sorbet to snaking lines at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Sweet Rose Creamery

225 26th Street, , CA 90402 (310) 260-2663 ext. 1 Visit Website

Sweet Rose Creamery

225 26th St., Los Angeles, CA 90402