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Here's a Sneak Peek of Jeremy Fox's Barnyard in Venice

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/12

It's been a hot minute since chef Jeremy Fox had a home to call his own. The celebrated chef, most known for his tenure at Ubuntu in Napa when former NY Times critic Frank Bruni declared the veggie-based restaurant one of the top 10 finds in the country, has since relocated to Los Angeles. After consulting on menus at Freddy Smalls and Paper or Plastik, Fox is finally ready for his own gig, Barnyard, which, in about six weeks, will replace the former Benice in Venice.

Barnyard is a smallish, earthy number with a long chef's bar up front, a raw unfinished ceiling, and antique lights. Banquettes will be installed opposite the bar, meanwhile the restaurant's back room offers communal and non-communal dining. In this space Fox may hang burlap sacks from the ceiling, and those boarded up windows will open out to the street.

A beer and wine license is in place, with full liquor to follow. Barnyard will serve all local Cali beers, and eventually a roster of savory cocktails and mocktails. As one would expect from a Jeremy Fox restaurant, the chef plans a good number of veggie dishes, in addition to house-made charcuterie, and nostalgic farm to table comfort food. Seasonal matzah ball soup? There's a first time for everything.
·Jeremy Fox Preps Barnyard, Under Construction in Venice [~ELA~]