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The Best News This Summer? Scoops Headed to Eastside

Scoops owner and ice cream mastermind, Tai Kim, confirms with The Eastsider that he is indeed in the process of opening a third location. York Boulevard has seen some new development in the past year, and apparently Kim got in on the action. His new store and production facility is currently under construction. Expect decor to be minimalist in the 1,200 square foot space, but with a prominent ice cream case filled with the same flavors that have made Kim famous in this town: salted chocolate, apricot brandy, brown brown bread. An opening date has not yet been set, though we're hoping it comes while the temperatures are still high.
·Anyone for a scoop of Brown Bread ice cream? Owner of Scoops to open Highland Park outpost [The Eastsider]

Scoops Eastside

5105 York Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90042