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The Village Idiot Concept in Silver Lake Still Months Out

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As reported in March, management behind Melrose's popular The Village Idiot overtook the former Le Barcito/Black Cat space in Silver Lake's Sunset Junction to launch a new eatery that now incorporates both the former gay bar and next door Launderland. It appears as though construction crew have gutted most of the interior and have started to pour concrete flooring. The drywall and bar still aren't finished, meaning that the next concept, be it another Village Idiot or not, is far from opening. An exterior work notice indicates that a remodeled kitchen and new automatic sprinkler system are going in, though contractors told Eater that owners prohibited any information from being disseminated. Based on looks, they're at least four to six months from opening, assuming everything goes as planned.
·The Village idiot Delayed [~ELA~]

Village Idiot

3909 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029

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