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Chef Ricardo Zarate at the Zenith + Moxie Offices

[Photos: Elizabeth Daniels]

Last week, Eater Test Kitchen, our roving office bacchanal, rolled into the Zenith + Moxie offices with renowned Peruvian chef Ricardo Zarate of Picca and Mo-Chica. Chef Zarate served up a pair of delicious dishes created exclusively for the event—amazonian fish in a lettuce wrap and lobster and avocado tostadas—in addition to two Pisco cocktails. The room filled quickly with the sort of joy that can only be conjured by exactly the right blend of a master chef, strong spirits, rollicking tunes, and a very good-looking crowd. A big thanks to the chef, as well as DJ Lindsay Luv for providing the tunes (her playlist, after the jump) and the good folks at Zenith + Moxie. If you're interested in having an Eater Test Kitchen make some magic at your office, drop us a line.

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