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Studio City's Ole Tapas Bar to be Reborn as Seafood Pub

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OMG. The guys behind Stout, Alex Kagianaris, Charles Lew, and Marc Kreiner, have yet ANOTHER project in the works. Jeez louise. Let's recount everything they have in the works at the moment. There's the newly open Stout in Studio City, Stout in Santa Monica, and Stout headed to Pasadena. Meanwhile, they're also working on rebranding Atwater Village's Kuma Sushi into The Morrison, AND now this. Although construction is still in the permitting process, word just in that the Stout crew will open a Spacecraft-designed seafood-based gastropub in the once Olé Tapas Bar space on Ventura in Studio City. The Studio City restaurant scene is blowingggggg up.
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Olé Tapas Bar

13251 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

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