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Dragon Espresso Bar For Sale Before Opening

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Despite a large investment and nearly completed permitting, it looks like Dragon Espresso Bar will never get off its feet. The strip mall spot across from a local high school looks papered up and unattended, supposedly because of the owner's poor health. "Dragan" is looking to sell the business for a cool $45K, licenses and all. Rent's a mere $1300 plus $200 for the patio. There's a Yelp event page that announces a grand opening on August 25 plus free coffee from 6 to 9 p.m, but at this point that seems unlikely. It might not be Sunset Junction but there's decent parking and good visibility. Interested parties can call Dragan, 213-924-4918. [Craigslist]

Drago Espresso Bar

240 N Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004

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