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Starry Kitchen at Tiara Cafe Begins Tonight with Free Beer

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Just now Nguyen Tran, one half team Starry Kitchen, blasted out a note attempting to lure in diners to this evening's inaugural Starry Kitchen night at Tiara Cafe with complimentary beer. Remember, Starry Kitchen shuttered its Downtown home three weeks ago, and has since replaced Gary Menes' Le Comptoir pop-up at Tiara Cafe. Seems like Team SK is nervous about the transition, a (typical) word from Tran:

Hello, First (and most important!), COMPLIMENTARY SINGHA BEER FOR ANYONE COMING TONIGHT! ^_^ Secondly, I'll keep this one short ("yeah right" you're saying, but "no REALLY" 'cause I gots to go!) The last 16 days have literally been some of the HARDEST days we've dealt with since we started, but somehow.. someway.. we started (again) up with a new concept in time. Are we crazy? YES! Are we gonna survive? I DUNNO... but at least we have COMPLIMENTARY BEER tonight to drown our sorrows in if we don't! haha. So make a reservation @ (Tues-Sat/5-10p).. come out.. come eat some family-style deliciousness.. and most importantly.. come say "Hi!" We miss "the lot of you" as some people say because we haven't seen many of ya since the illegal+underground days.. and some of you 16 days ago! ^_^
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Starry Kitchen

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Tiara Cafe

127 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015