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B-Rod is Unimpressed with Short Order at The Grove

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B-Rod stops by Nancy Silverton and the late Amy Pressman's Short Order and her headline says it all. "Short Order Comes Up Short." Although she digs the turkey burger, she's generally underwhelmed with many other offerings:

It's not that these aren't good burgers — they are. They're just not great burgers. The avocado on Nancy's Backyard Burger wasn't avocado at all but rather that green mush that sandwich chains these days pass off as avocado, or, if they're being slightly more honest, guacamole.
I also found many of the burgers to be too salty. Some of them were just straight over-salted; with others, the toppings were to blame. The lamb burger with feta falls into the latter category, the feta simply overpowering the other ingredients.
B-Rod is a fan of Nancy's bread and she finds solace in the pretzel pups and patty melt. Cocktails win, but boozy milkshakes lose. Despite the menu's mixed bag of tricks, B-Rod concedes, "There's no doubt Short Order is a lot of fun ... And in any other town, the fantastic bread, interesting drinks and messy burger fun Short Order delivers might be a revelation." [LAW]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

Short Order

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