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Long Beach Seafood Institution Berth 55 Fish Market & Seafood Deli Forced to Find New Home

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Super sad news for Long Beach. The long established 40 plus years old beloved seafood shack Berth 55 Fish Market & Seafood Deli is set to shutter. The Port of Long Beach decided not to renew their (and their neighbor's) lease due to the potential development of a fire station in the same space. Not everyone believes this is the ideal locale for a fire station.

Owner Larry Maehara explains that he plans to stay at least until the end of October and he is actively scouting new sites to relocate. However, so far no dice. Continues Maehara, "It's hard to recreate what we've built here, being on the water and having an old outdoor fish market feel. Very unique and last of its kind." [EaterWire]

Berth 55 Fish Market & Seafood Deli

555 Pico Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

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