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Christian Page of Short Order, Short Cake

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This is 10 Things You Didn't Know About..., a feature calling to attention lesser known facts about your favorite chefs.

Last fall, chef Christian Page opened Short Order, a farm-to-table burger joint at The Original Farmers Market with help from proprietors Nancy Silverton and the late Amy Pressman. The French Culinary Institute and USC MBA grad now helms a kitchen that grills 300 to 400 burgers a day, and even more on the weekends. The Detroit native has firmly executed Silverton and Pressman's vision of a top-notch burger bar, adding his own menu items such as rafts, melts and salads. New to his Short Order menu, a turkey burger with aged provolone, pistachio-basil pesto, and heirloom tomatoes.

1) My favorite kitchen tool is my hands, which are also the most versatile. Keeps you close to your food and you can never forget to bring them. Wash often.

2) My mentor in NYC was Brian Bistrong of the Hamilton. It was under him that I started to develop a style. Nancy Silverton and Mark Gold have been my mentors in L.A., both of whom are serious chefs who cook on a regular basis and can throw down.

3) When I'm not at the restaurant, I prefer to cook in a backyard. Since I don't have one, I'm always willing to come over and cook all day. If you have a pool and a grill, I'm there.

4) My favorite drink is one that's made by Julian Cox. Julian, a bottle of mezcal, and some prickly pears, and we're in business.

5) My dream location for a restaurant would be somewhere in the Caribbean. Local ingredients include pineapples, passion fruits, and coconuts.

6) When I'm not cooking, I play squash. The sport, not the vegetable. Eating well plus exercise equals living well. Here's to hoping that squash becomes an Olympic sport by 2020.

7) When I'm home, I cook with only a single induction burner. Whenever I have guests, I have to cook everything with that. One time I made a goulash that took about three hours, including stock. We went through three bottles of wine in that time too.

8) For as far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a chef. I've done a lot of different things along they way that have broadened my skills.

9) My favorite food memory was making carnitas on a citrus farm. We threw oranges from the tree into the pot and it cooked for hours. Homemade tortillas and simple salsa, right there on the ranch. Amazing.

10) My favorite book is Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky.

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Short Order

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