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What is Your Favorite LA Sushi Restaurant?

LA is rife with sushi, from strip mall hidden gems to the Americanized crazy roll stuff found at establishments both high and low. Crispy seaweed, warm rice, fresh wasabi root, even house-made soy sauce can be found at top haunts throughout this city, and most Angelenos have a thing or two to say about their own favorite sushi selects. Those fortunate enough to have experienced a meal at Urasawa know it's the closest thing we have to a true Japanese sushi bar, but you really don't necessarily need to drop big bucks for pristine fish thanks to Sushi Nozawa's ever growing sugarFISH chainlet. Now we ask you, dear readers, what is your favorite sushi spot in LA? Hit the comments with thoughts and next week we'll compile a map with your suggestions.


600 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA 90017