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Beau Laughlin, Shaking Up LA's Food and Drink Scene, One Hot Spot at a Time

If you don't yet know the name Beau Laughlin, you soon will. He's the brains behind The Hudson and The Churchill, and this LA tastemaker is working on a gang of hospitality projects to open in the coming months and years. First up, Laughlin and partner Brett Cranston are revamping their 10-month-old Third Street Cali/American abode, The Churchill, with a new drinks program by master bartendress Mia Sarazen (Harvard & Stone, Black Market) to launch on September 6. Also in tow, new Operations Manager Patrick Cabido.

With regard to future projects, about two weeks ago Laughlin and friend/partner Michael Jay took over the lease at Voyeur, which was supposed to become the first west coast outpost of NYC's The Box. Come January they plan to open a live music and performance venue with the requisite bottle service.

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

Laughlin also has dibs on the old Heinz loading dock (712 South Santa Fe Avenue) in downtown's burgeoning Arts District, which will share a valet stand with Bill Chait and Ori Menashe's Bestia. Great call on that location, slated to open in February. There are tons of other projects in the pipeline from downtown to Venice, though leases still need to be signed. With so much activity, Laughlin has formed hospitality group Cardiff Giant as the umbrella name for current projects and all ventures moving forward. [EaterWire]

The Churchill

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